Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lets Go Caps!

As a Tar Heel, I am one of the very few residents of the greater Washington, DC area who has seen one of "his teams" win it all in the last fifteen years or so. I challenge you to find a city that has lived with more sports-related pain and disappointment over the last two decades. It's not just the lack of titles: none since the 1991-1992 Redskins, and only one runner-up spot (1998 Caps). It's the abject misery of the last decade. The Dan Snyder Era. Michael Jordan missing the playoffs, Gilbert's bum knee, and LeBron's many four-step game-winners. Thirty years without baseball, followed by four years of watching a AAA team play in the major leagues.

Thanks to Roy Williams, I personally have no grounds for complaint about the last decade or two as a sports fan. But please, Caps, get it done tonight, and give my D.C. brethren a reason to love sports again.

Anyway, back to gambling. Here's the unofficial play:

Los Angeles Dodgers

I love them as an underdog in this game. No Manny? Really? That's all it takes to make a 22-12 team underdogs facing a Jamie Moyer who is very obviously (finally) done and a Phillies team that has, frankly, sucked this season? Are bettors still stuck on that whole "World Series Champions" thing? Have they completely missed how mediocre this team is? Their third-order record is under .500. Sure, Rollins can't be this awful all year ... but Ibanez can't stay this hot, either. Fading this team the rest of the way, or at least until America catches on, should be profitbale.

Unfortunately, Hambone is out of commission today and I can't look at lines at work, so I can't make it a play until I got home, probably close to 7 PM. Thus the "unofficial" status for now. Posting picks at 6:55 for a 7:05 first pitch is of no use to you, and we're all about customer service here.

EDIT: OK, let's make it official:

Los Angeles Dodgers +102 (Matchbook), 1 unit to win 1.02 units.


Grover said...

My apologies to Seattle, the one obvious answer to the "who's had it worse in the last decade?" question.

ilike#s said...

This series has been amazing. I hope game 7 lives up to it unlike the Celts/Bulls game 7.

Grover said...

I'm actually emotionally exhausted by the whole thing at this point. I can't even summon the energy to hate Crosby any more- and hating Crosby is religion here in DC. I'm just looking forward to getting home, cracking open a beer, and seeing how this whole saga ends.